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Review iPad Basics

Speech Search Selections with Safari and Google (little microphone):

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    iPad Apps for the Inclusive Classroom> Presented by Kathy Holt

Safari Settings:

iOS Accessibility for iPad

Awesome Resources:

App: NearPodPresentation

App: Doceri the Interactive Whiteboard for iPad

App: Dropbox

App: Evernote

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A little Socrative quiz to get us going (might as well start off the day using your tool and the apps on them!)

Explore Different Apps

Other Apps to consider

  • itunes U
  • Kahn Academy
  • Ted
  • Hoosuite
  • Evernote



Discuss how iPads can be used in the classroom

103 Ways to use iPads in the Classroom


Explore other Apps for later download

Q and A and/or planning/collaboration among teachers

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