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  • To help you find and use online and iPad apps to differentiate instruction for all learner

  • To help you find one or two useful strategies for your "teacher toolbox" that will help you reach all learners without driving yourself crazy!

Guide to being awesome! Kid President videos:

Differentiation Prezi

Differentiation in Your Classroom

Differentiation Sites

Ways to think about using online resources and iPads apps to reach all learners

  • A look at one classroom's adventure with using Toontastic in their Writer's Workshop

  • http://apponomy.weebly.com

  • Use Digital Bloom's and Common Core to expand learning and instruction

  • Explain Everything + Socrative: Each student does their work on EE then teacher does assessment through Socrative
  • QR Voice to Create Mobile Lessons

Accessibility Features: Zoom, Lock Out, taking notes: speak, write, draw

Resources to start us on the journey

More Apps to Explore

(Free apps unless a $$ is next to it.)